Your Career at Vivid

At Vivid Mental Health you will be surrounded by like-minded, passionate clinicians and dedicated admin support.

We want all our staff to feel supported to achieve balance and satisfaction in their work through workplace flexibility, access to career progression opportunities and thoughtful caseload management to prevent burnout.

We value strong connection with the community as well as extensive networks that provide new referrals.

Our team understands the importance of bringing all our strengths and energy together to make offer best possible service to our clients. Most of all we understand the concept of ‘you can’t pour out of an empty cup’. So we have mandated lunch breaks, laughter, allowing each other space where needed, and being mindful that we can call in sick or needing a mental health day. We strongly see the human and individual in everything we do, especially in the team-work that makes us Vivid Mental Health

If you’re the missing link in our team to help navigate our clients though their mental health, please see below options on how to become part of Vivid Mental Health!

Employment Options

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Uni Placement

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