Team Vivid

Born in 2020 from the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy a full and vivid life where they are in the drivers’ seat and in control of their mental health, Vivid can help you make your rollercoaster ride enjoyable again.

Despite a small solo-practice, we are dedicated to leaving a big impact in the lives of our clients. Our strengths are one of many, including a wide experience from working across all ages and all areas of mental health.

We work with a person’s strength and their possibilities – everyone has a story to bring, a background to share – you might have faced many challenges but you also have a lot of strengths – so many skills, so many connections – we are able to help you link these together so you can re-write your story, change your way of thinking, change your way of acting and realise you can get out of this cycle.

Mariah is our friendly face at reception for Vivid Mental Health. Known for being very empathetic, honest, patient & motivated with 8 years’ experience in the medical field.
Mariah is very passionate about a good work/family life balance, enjoys spending time at the beach with her dachshunds, her new found hobby for painting and quality time with her partner.
Mariah believes that mental health is an integral part of our lives as it helps us to find & be the best version of ourselves by overcoming life’s challenges. This exact idea has guided her towards becoming a receptionist.

Sylvia - Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

Sylvia is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with eligibility to claim under Better Access from Medicare.
Sylvia has a broad experience working in mental health ranging from crisis intervention work, skills training, individual and group training, case management and outreach.
Sylvia has a special interest in grief therapy, trauma based therapy and to support people towards personal growth & resilience, whilst staying mindful of their personal story.

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