Change…. the good and the bad

Change…. that other ongoing topic for the past 2-years besides “COVID”. It can be so draining, exhausting, making you feel lost and bringing the feeling of fear-driven uncertainty. So let’s talk about positive effects if changes and how you can keep yourself standing in the one certainty of life; ongoing adjustments. 

There are so many changes in the past years due to COVID. Wearing masks, social distancing, registering when entering venues, limitations on travels, changes for school attendance, changes in the workplace…..

When we have a closer look to it, we may notice that “change” is a given fact throughout our lives; new school, new grades, new friends, new colleagues, change of seasons, change of routines and rituals, relationships start and end, change of homes.

Change is the only Constant in life


So with that given fact, change is actually some weird type of constant… Change will happen throughout our lives and it is up to us how we manage this change. Will we fight, reject it, or will we be able to accept and even embrace it with curiosity?
Even when you like things to planned and orderly, you can learn how to befriend change and see the good that can come from it

The “goods” of change

  1. Change makes us adaptable
    By approaching change with a positive attitude, we train ourselves to step away from rigid beliefs and habits, and become more flexible. Some of you have become familiar with us in therapy discussing “Psychological Flexibility” as part of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy? Yes, right that; learning to adapt to changes and steering our Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours towards happiness and less stress.

  2. Become open for opportunities
    When we always stay in the same routines, it is like fishing in the same pond but expecting a different catch. Change makes many things possible; meeting new people, experience new learnings, leaning new skills and helping you to make that one big decision..

  3. Growth
    Remember that one time you felt first off guard because you were facing change, but once concurred, you were awarded with that rush of excitement and empowerment?
    Change brings us out of our comfort zone, leave the safety and take a leap of faith. With the result of experiencing a personal and/or professional growth. Putting new strategies and skills in our ever growing “tool box”

  4. Overcoming fears
    Courage and overocming fears is a very big positive of change. Initially we feel the anxieties and fear. Though fear is an illusion in our minds that stop us too often from doing new and great things in life. Once we embrace and accept change in life, we learn to reduce the fears that come with it.
    It is like we tell life ‘bring it on, I’m ready and excited for this challenge and what learnings it will bring’. That confidence will help us in a future moment of change.

  5. Appreciate the struggle and enjoy the wins
    Wait what? Enjoy it..?
    Yes, every time we grow in being okay with change, and despite the fears ‘give it a go’, we become comfortable with feeling a moment of failure. To then become criour to try again or in a different way. Change and the given challenges it rbigns, makes us appreciate life and enjoying the successes.

Take the lead in your perception of ‘change’

Does all of it come natural for everyone? Nope. But there are a few things you can actively do to turn the challenge of change into a positive

  1. Expect change
    Make a mental note that ‘change will always happen’; sometimes as a positive breeze of change, sometimes forced upon us, sometimes simply unwelcome, but always as a given fact of life. When we are able to change our attitude towards change, the resistance drops and makes us less caught out when it happens.

  2. Remind yourself of past achievements
    Change might feel constantly different, constantly putting a demand on you to invent life over and over, as well constantly having to search for a new skill and strategy.
    What is more helpful, is to remind yourself in a conscious and mindful way that ‘you’ve done it before’ [… and avoid jumping then on the frustration of ‘here we go again’….].
    Leaning on the confidence within that you have mastered ‘change’ before, and therefore can rely on those past transitions.

  3. Anticipate on ‘predictable change’
    Look ahead in time, for the upcoming week, month, 6-months. And ask yourself with the given past experiences; what can I expect being likely the feeding ground for change to throw me off? Prepare for this being a possibility by acknowledging that it might happen and consider how you’d best tackle this one. Include some time of reflection, self care and grounding.
    Feeling prepared, can help us manage when facing the moment of change.

Final thoughts

No one, neither yourself, can alter the fact that change is part of the constant motion of life. But what we do know, that stagnation limits the process of growth, building strength and resilience. So we better make sure we start accepting, embracing and even searchign or triggering change. The sooner we will be able to open doors towards a more content, happy and fulfilled life.

You’ve got this!

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